We founded Kokuka Sangyo Co., Ltd. in 1947 and have been involved in the shipping industry, starting with the transportation coal, carbon disulfide, caustic soda, and other raw materials used in the artificial silk industry with our own vessels. Since then, we have expanded our business to include the transport of organic and specialty chemicals. To achieve these goals, we built Japan’s first chemical tanker, molten sulfur carrier, medium-temperature and medium-pressure liquid ammonia tanker, the world’s first molten phthalic anhydride and molten caprolactam carriers, and so forth. Now, with over 70 years of history behind us, we are engaged in the coastal and international shipping of mainly methanol and molten sulfur.

We humbly request your redoubled support as we intensify our efforts as a company to provide higher-quality services with a focus on safety so that we can inspire trust befitting our knowledge and experience.

President Toru Maehara

Corporate Philosophy
  • To contribute to economic and social development through the maritime transportation of chemical products.
  • To earn the trust of society and customers through high-quality services that treat safe operations as the top priority.
  • To conduct business with emphasis on compliance.
  • To manage the company so as to ensure that the employees work happily and find the job rewarding.