Safety of the ships,
human lives and health,
maintaining and preserving them is our principle.

It is our social mission to make broad social contribution through the marine transport of chemical products, and we believe our top priorities are safe marine navigation and environmental protection. In order to thoroughly communicate our belief both internally and externally, we have established the above “Principle”.

For the realization of the Principle, we have created “Safety Control Manual” in accordance with the ISM Code, and are utilizing it as the guidelines for our operational activities. Additionally, we continuously make improvements in the manual by applying the PDCA Cycle.

Recognizing that accidents must not occur, we have developed a system within our company to allow for the operations based on the technical and specialist perspectives. We have also developed a structure for the system to allow for individual teams to operate jointly and organically. The system consists of two teams-“HSE Management Dept、Crewing Dept. and Ship Management Dept.”

With our charter ship owners and domestic shipping management companies, we establish “Chartered Ship Management Regulation” and provide a support system based on the information provided about crew, maintenance record and such. We have also organized “KOKUKA Management Committee” in order to conduct joint safety activities by exchanging information and views.